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tv   News 6 at 5 pm  CBS  March 9, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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>> matt: now at 5:00, florida takes center stage in the presidential election. we're live in miami ahead of tonight's democratic debate. >> and a substitute teacher arrested in the classroom. we were there as she walked out of jail. now we're learning more about her past. >> matt: first, though, breaking news in brevard county. sky 6 is live over a brushfire that has damaged multiple homes now.
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san felipo drive and cogan drive. photojournalist dave sprung is joining us now. it's jumping around quite a bit. >> reporter: that's right. it's jumped 10 blocks. in palm bay, they have houses and woods, houses and woods. and that's basically what the fire has done. it's jumped over houses but caught woods on fire. i found one home that had holes in the roof from the flames. the home will need work before people can live in it again. i did find a couple of spaces where the fire is still burning, not as big as it was before. most of what's left is ground smolder. in the area here and to the right there's another area where it looks like they put the flames out and cutting fire lines around that. it looks like it's got a good handle on this fire but it's caused a lot of damage. >> matt: thank you. >> now to new details on a local substitute teacher arrested on the job. this is news 6 at 5:00, getting results. i'm sachelle saunders in for lisa bell. >> matt: i'm matt austin. at 4:00, we told you the sub is accused of being drunk while
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now at 5:00, we're digging into her past. sanford police tell us they arrested holly joel at bentley elementary school near reinhart road. justin warmoth was at the seminole county jail as that woman bonded out of jail this afternoon. he joins us now live from the elementary school. what have you learned about her past? >> reporter: the district says she has been with them since 2014 but only had 10 subbing assignments. since then, eight of which have been here at bentley elementary school where she was arrested yesterday. the school board said she passed a background check before being hired. we found out she's been arrested for d.u.i. in the past. >> do you think she should be teaching? >> absolutely not. >> reporter: he says he knows 52-year-old holly joel on a personal level and says she shouldn't have been teaching second graders at bentley elementary school. that's because according to court records, joel was arrested for d.u.i. in 2012. two years before she was hired
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>> evidently seminole county school system failed in doing their due diligence and yet they say she passed a background checked. anybody can go online and see she had a d.u.i. here. you know, usually where there's smoke, there's fire. >> reporter: according to school district leaders, by board policy, a misdemeanor d.u.i. does not qualify as an offense for employment. she bonded out of jail this afternoon after her late of the he run-in with alcohol. sanford police arrested her for allegedly teaching while intoxicated. the incident happened tuesday and parents were not happy when they heard what happened. >> that's scary. that's definitely scary with the kids in the classroom. >> that's amazing. wow. >> reporter: police say a teacher at the school noticed joel was acting strangely so they told a school resource officer who went to investigate. when the officer asked her to stand up at her desk, she could barely stand and nearly fell into a window. they found prescription pills in her purse along with a water
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he has a fourth grader at the school. >> i'm in shock right now. with all due respect, i just hope that the courts prevail and they do what they've got to do to make things go the way it's supposed to go. >> reporter: joel has been permanently banned from the district as a substitute teacher now. she's facing child neglect and disorderly conduct charges. live in sanford. >> matt: thank you, justin. now we're following breaking news on the zika virus. state leaders say there's a sex actually transmitted zika case in polk county. >> it's the first case of its kind in the state. news 6 anchor julie broughton is joining us now. it has the governor calling for action. >> julie: the latest case of the zika virus comes after weeks of hearings and conference calls from tallahassee to capitol hill about the ways in which people can transmit the zika virus. now governor rick scott is calling on the centers for
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conference call to discuss the spread of the mosquito-borne illness. we're told a person in polk county contracted the virus after having sex with someone who traveled outside the united states. there are now 52 reported zika cases statewide across at least 12 counties. four of them involve pregnant women. state officials are not releasing where they're located. we have more information about the zika virus, including travel notices, symptoms and tips to help protect yourself on our website. just head over to, powered by news 6. >> more breaking news in polk county. in just the last two hours, the sheriff's office released this sketch of a man accused of trying to lure an 11-year-old girl into his car. we're told a man in his 40's or 50's pulled up alongside the girl at thousand oaks boulevard and ronald reagan parkway in davenport near osceola county. the sheriff's office says the man told the girl her mom was in the hospital. that's when the girl ran away.
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driving a white four-door car with tinted windows. if you know who this man is, call the polk county sheriff's office. all eyes are on florida in the race for the white house. in just hours, the two remaining democratic candidates will take the stage in the sunshine state. >> matt: it comes just one days after vermont senator bernie sanders scored a big win over hillary clinton in the michigan primary. live from miami. this is just the beginning of a big push for the candidates in florida. >> ginger: you know it is. there's no mistaking this. you have seen a ton of tv ads lately in the past few days. that's not by mistake. the candidates put a lot of stock in florida. i'm here at miami-dade college where bernie sanders and hillary clinton will square off. this is their second time meeting in a debate in just about four days. the 8th during this primary
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this is where the media will be watching this debate tonight, and most of the people are not even here yet but they have screens set up. this is where we'll have all eyes on the screen. don't be surprised tonight if you see a little more fire in sanders' rhetoric tonight. as you mentioned, he did have the surprise win in michigan last night. so he might be a little more feisty than usual on the stage. but the scene is set here at miami-dade college as a lot of folks are so interested in this debate. hillary clinton and bernie sanders set to square off at 9:00 tonight and all eyes are on these two. many suspected sanders was going to be out of the race tonight. he continues to be a candidate many people are talking about. the facebook team is here at miami-dade college with what they're calling a heat map. have been talking about leading up to tonight. of course, they've been talking about bernie sanders, but the darker the color, the more people are talking about this candidate and, of course, the
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most talked about presidential candidate does not even take the stage until tomorrow night. >> everybody is talking about donald trump. i sometimes jokingly say he's our best practices taken to the extreme. >> ginger: look at this map. it's not even this when when you put marco rubio who is from florida. >> with donald trump, it's different. he's a well-known celebrity. his campaign has generated a lot of attention on both sides. now, remember, this reflects all conversation, likes, posts, comments, shares. people are in favor of him but also against him. >> ginger: you may have noticed that when they talked about donald trump, the map, that's the only candidate the map turns completely bright red for. they'll take the stage tomorrow at the university of miami. but for tonight, all eyes are on the democrats.
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sanders square off in their debate. it starts at 9:00 tonight. we'll be watching. we'll have the latest for you. >> matt: it looks like a huge venue there. it's the democrats taking the stage tonight. republican candidates are also looking to boost their campaigns ahead of a debate tomorrow. among them, texas senator ted cruz. he held a rally in miami today and former candidate carly fiorina showed up to endorse him. cruz says they and others need to unite if they're going to beat frontrunner donald trump. >> carly's being with us today is one more manifestation of what we've been seeing playing out over the last several weeks is republicans uniting, coming together behind our campaign as the one campaign that has demonstrated it can and has repeatedly beaten donald trump. >> matt: the g.o.p. hopefuls will square off tomorrow night at 8:30 at the university of miami.
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we have you covered throughout the 2016 elections including the breakdown of yesterday's primaries. just head to, powered by news 6. >> an update on a violent robbery at an osceola county home. deputies arrested four people who they say tied up a mom and her teen daughter for hours. the mom's boyfriend was even kidnapped. they arrested the four people. they stormed into a home on rachael lynn lane near st. cloud on january 28th. while some of the suspects stayed with the mom and daughter, others tied the boyfriend up in his car and drove off. the car was found hours later. deputies say the victims were targeted for money. news 6 reporter troy campbell is getting answers about this case. we'll have more coming up on news 6 at 6:00. >> matt: a champion motorcycle racer is in the spotlight tonight, but not for his accomplishments on the track.
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what the reigning daytona 200 winner did to a local officer that has him in big trouble. >> tom: look at the clouds. they put the brakes on the warm-up during the day today. i'll be back and track what happens tonight and how low we go in central florida and how much heat we're looking at for tomorrow. >> and being buildings destroyed by a big blast.
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>> reporter: i'm news 6 meteorologist candace campos as we continue to pinpoint your forecast around town. the next stop is east of mount dora. temperatures tonight are cooling down into the mid-60's. we'll see clear skies, nice, mild evening looking mostly dry for tomorrow. temperatures warm up again. we're talking about 84 degrees and cooling back down into the
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as of now, looking mostly dry throughout the next 24 hours.
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>> matt: we're staying on top of breaking news in brevard county. sky 6 is live over a brushfire
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we've seen holes in roofs there from the sky. other homes are also in danger. you can see the brush truck working on it right now, building some fire lines. this is happening in the area of cogan drive in palm bay. we have a crew on the ground heading to the scene. we'll follow this and bring you more as we get it. you can see the light smoke definitely appears to show they're getting a handle on this thing. more breaking news in volusia county now. police in edgewater are looking for a man suspected in an attempted abduction. >> a 9-year-old was riding his bike to edgewater elementary when he says a man approached him and asked him if he wanted to come to his house. the boy was able to get away. police say the man was white, about 5.5 feet tall with medium length black hair, long black goatee and dressed all in plaque with sunglasses. edgewater police are putting extra patrols near both elementary schools in their city.
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champion motorcycle racer arrested in volusia county. >> police say he pushed the 51-year-old down and ran towards ocean drive. an officer closely behind
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the reports show he paused briefly saying, quote, "i'm just goofing off with my friends." >> cops don't chase you for no reason. >> reporter: police say not only did he get aggressive with the woman but with them as well, shoving and pushing an officer who was chasing him. the officer returned punches trying to subdue him. he was finally arrested for battery on a law enforcement officer. he has since bonded out of jail. jacob says he shouldn't get off the hook that easily. >> they should take the championship away from him. it's not right. >> reporter: police say the victim declined pressing charges. we called the daytona international speedway who says he's still scheduled to race this weekend. a huge explosion levels businesses and leaves several
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>> matt: an early morning blast rocked a seattle neighborhood. firefighters were working a natural gas leak when the building just blew. the blast sent debris across the neighborhood. shattered windows and buildings as far as two blocks. we're told the injuries to nine firefighters were minor. incredibly, no one else was hurt. >> we're less than two weeks away from central florida's largest country music festival. the sixth annual runaway country music festival brings many of country music's biggest names to kissimmee. >> matt: it's going to be fun. news 6 is partnering with collis roofing to bring you the ultimate fan experience. we're giving away tickets to the entire three-day event. just watch news 6 at 11:00 and listen for the country star of the day. then head to country to enter. it runs from march 18th to march 20th at osceola heritage park. todd, one of our biggest fans, won. congratulations to him.
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they're already watching at 11:00. >> matt: you might as well. >> tom: you said his name is todd. >> matt: his name is todd and you see him at many of our events. >> tom: cloud cover today stepped in and tried to slow things down. it did a bit. we just might race to the upper 80's tomorrow as the winds calm down and fewer clouds begin to hang around. this is the big story taking shape over the next few days. all the big storms in the nation's interior from dallas to houston, into louisiana, some of that stuff is going to get here eventually. just tonight nothing on radar. daytime high today officially hit 83 degrees in orlando. 60 was the overnight low this morning, ahead of the norms. i keep talking about the normals are only 77. the normals are only 77. this is kind of crazy to be this hot this seller early.
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we went to 83 today. 78 did it at the cape. now we're down to 77 in the city beautiful. 81 in ocala. same in the villages. along the coast, the wind coming in from the east has cooled it off a bit. 73 in new smyrna beach. in daytona beach for bike week, we're at 76. and 75 does it at the cape. satellite and radar tell the story of what's going on. we've got a big ridge of high pressure parked right there. as long as the ridge is there, none of this can get to us. over the course of the next two down. when it does, when it starts to lose its steam and its strength, change. between now and tomorrow, things don't change much. the wind will calm down. it only leads to more heat. the villages. 62 in leesburg. i'll go 66 in melbourne. the official forecast in cloudy. your overnight low tonight in
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support from the southeast 5 to 15. here's tomorrow. in the morning, 69 degrees at 8 a.m. 80 to 82. we need the winds to calm down a bit and the clouds to thin out and we'll go all the way to 87. i'll call it 87 tomorrow. we'll see how close it'll get. it's going to be another really warm day. planning forecast high for tomorrow, 87. the overnight low tomorrow night, 62. on friday, the high is 85. the clouds begin to increase. then on saturday, a chance for rain early, drying through the day. then on sunday, dry early but thunderstorms in the afternoon. rain chances on sunday are all the way back to 50%. >> matt: and that's the way it goes. almost back to summer. thank you, tom. appreciate it. big push to get more protection to people suspected of crime.
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for police in florida to seize property. and the unique ship that's now docked at port canaveral. >> matt: ahead at 5:30, it was an important day for police in central florida. see what they were doing to help build a stronger relationship
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>> matt: i still love you. it's part of the name there. docked near the port's 273-foot cargo planes. the company says it could launch month. a big overhaul to what police can and can't take from suspected criminals is on its way to the governor. >> state lawmakers approved sweeping changes. the proposal would require an arrest before police can seize property, cars or cash. the current law allows law
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property based on suspicion of illegal activity. a diverse coalition of groups from tea party conservatives to the aclu support the bill. if the governor signs it, it will take effect july 1st. state lawmakers are also working to pass several other bills before the legislative session it includes stricter abortion laws and a bill to make it easier for student athletes to transfer high schools. now to one man's big discovery. thousands of dollars laying there in the middle of the road. he picked it up and gave it to police. he was driving home from work near philly and found a pouch, decided to open it up. he found more than $15,000 in cash. nobody would have ever known if he had just walked away with it. he says he felt like he won the lottery for a moment but he also knew what he had to do. >> i was $15,000 richer for a half-hour. it made me feel pretty good.
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>> matt: and then he was $15,000 poorer. police say they're grateful the guy turned in the cash. it's not known who it belongs to. the chief says if it were up to him, tracy would just keep the money. >> i'll be like, well, give it to me then. >> matt: coming up on the news at 5:30, five people arrested in a man's murder. why they say they did it. >> and a teacher loses her home. we go into the community's effort to stand behind her during this difficult time. >> matt: and after the death of a young girl, what police are doing to prevent more accidents of kids handling guns and accidentally firing them. we're staying on top of breaking news in brevard county, too. a brushfire has damaged at least four homes in palm bay.
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>> a long time orange county teacher loses her home to a devastating fire. >> matt: now the community is coming together to help her get results. thank you for joining us tonight. i'm matt austin. >> i'm sachelle saunders. ginger is in miami covering the debates. we'll have the teacher's story in a minute. but first, a beautiful start to march. but changes are on the way. >> matt: that they are. chief meteorologist tom sorrells pinpoints your weather first at 5:30. >> tom: we'll be begging for the rain before it's over, the heat is here to stay.


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